About Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

Our Vision

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School’s vision is to create and maintain a welcoming, supportive and safe community where students can develop a personal faith relationship with God. Our vision includes an outstanding Catholic education which will equip our student community with the knowledge, skills and optimism to live meaningful lives and enrich the world around them. This journey is at the heart of our motto that underpins our Catholic education ~ Love One Another.

Our Mission Statement

At Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, we believe that each person is unique and created in the image of God. We promote personal development and growth in all areas of our educational and personal journey through our partnership with parents, families, Parish, peers and staff. By bearing witness to, and celebrating the Word of God, we will prepare our students for life and its joys, opportunities and challenges.

Mrs Gez Mulvahil


Mrs Jane Astalosh

Deputy Principal

Mrs Danielle Aspinall

Assistant Principal Religious Education

Miss Rachael McDowall

Curriculum Coordinator

Let’s start building our future.